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SIP Installation Questions

Do your panels come sheathed with OSB or plywood?

RAY-CORE's insulated wall panels and insulated roof panels come wrapped in a radiant vapor barrier. Upon framing of the wall, OSB or plywood is applied onsite utilizing the practice of staggering the panel seams with the sheathing, tying everything together to obtain the strongest, airtight wall or roof possible.

How do I install plumbing and wiring through the panel?

Simply use a router or sawzall set to a depth of 1/2 the thickness of the panel to cut out a channel where the wire/plumbing will run. Drill holes through integrated studs where necessary. Install wiring/plumbing in the slit and after inspection, backfill with canned foam. See video:www.YouTube.com/RAYCOREinc

Do the windows and door openings come precut out of the panel?

RAY-CORE SIP panels are not precut for window and door openings. They will be cut-to-fit onsite. RAY-CORE panels are non-directional; thus when a cut for an opening is made, you may flip the panel around and use it on an adjacent wall or portion of roof.

How do I frame corners using RAY-CORE?

There are several ways you can frame corners using RAY-CORE SIPs. You can install a double stud on one wall and put the next panel (stud side) against it. Many framers choose to start with a "California Corner" and fill the void with scrap foam. You can also cut into the panel and inset a stud for a drywall nail surface.See corner detail:

How do I install sheetrock when interior wall meets the exterior RAY-CORE wall (T's)?

Remember to think standard framing when working with RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels. Simply install the exterior wall sheetrock 1st and then apply the interior wall sheetrock 2nd, so the interior sheetrock pinches the other against the wall. Although by no means is it necessary, some installers may choose to apply construction adhesive or utilize drywall clips.

How do I cut the panels?

There is no need for hot knives or special tools. The most efficient means of cutting RAY-CORE SIP panels is to use a large beam saw. If you don't currently own one, these saws are generally available and your local equipment rental location at a small daily charge. The panels can be cut with a smaller saw by cutting from both sides of the RAY-CORE wall panel or roof panel.

SIPs Panel Questions

What panel sizes does RAY-CORE produce?

All RAY-CORE SIP panels come 4' wide and are available in 8'-12' lengths. Three conventional framing thicknesses and corresponding R-values of panels are available: 3-1/2 inch/R26, 5-1/2 inch/R42 and 7-1/4 inch/R52.

Are the panels straight and square?

RAY-CORE SIPs use a patented system of injection polyurethane molding using only the best quality materials and within a controlled environment. Each panel is produced straight and square and to exact measurements.

Can RAY-CORE use studs other than standard framing wood?

RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels can use a variety of structural members within the panel, including dimensional lumber - spf or Doug Fir, LVL's, LSL's, and treated studs. And for non-structural applications, RAY-CORE panels are available with no studs, just foam.

SIPs Foam Questions

Does the foam in RAY-CORE panels off-gas?

Everything off-gases to some degree; including carpet, mattresses, seat cushions, even the dashboard of your car are just a few common materials. In short, RAY-CORE SIP panels don't emit any more fumes than materials we're exposed to on a daily basis, which is minimal. RAY-CORE SIPs only the highest quality materials. There are several formulas/mixtures that can be used to create polyurethane foam. Unlike spray-foam which is applied onsite where the curing process will take place over time, RAY-CORE's high density closed cell polyurthane foam is applied in a controlled environment and cured onsite with applied heat in the manufacturing process, preventing customer complaints of off-gassing fumes and lingering odors. RAY-CORE's polyurethane foam has zero ODP (ozone depletion potential) and is a non-VOC material (non-volatile organic compound).

Does RAY-CORE's polyurethane foam have formaldehyde?

In 1987 the U.S. EPA classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen and regulated the exposure levels to humans. Since this time, no formaldehyde has been used in polyurethane foam in construction. Today's polyurethane foam is very different from polyurethane foam 25 years ago, a much cleaner, greener, safer product.

Is the foam in RAY-CORE SIPs flammable?

RAY-CORE only uses the highest quality products, including one of the only Class 1 fire rated foams available. There is a strict flame and smoke spread requirement to meet this standard. RAY-CORE has gone to great lengths to meet this standard to provide the safest product available. See videowww.YouTube.com/RAYCOREinc

SIPs Payment Questions

Can I pay for my shipment when I receive it?

RAY-CORE is FOB shipping point. Payment in full is required for the product to leave the RAY-CORE manufacturing facility.

What are your payment terms?

Because RAY-CORE wall panels and roof panels are custom made specifically to your needs, RAY-CORE requires receipt of 50% of the product purchase to begin production on the panels. The remaining balance is due upon completion of production and at or before time of shipment.

What forms of payment does RAY-CORE accept?

Intuit Payment Nework - Online ACH (preferred)
Wire Transfer
Visa, MasterCard, Discover