Insulated Roof Panel Retrofit with RAY-CORE SIPs ™  Ron Palmer, owner of Ron Palmer Construction, Inc. in Island Park, Idaho, had a cabin that was desperately in need of additional roof insulation. Looking for a fast and easy way to accomplish this, he found RAYCORE's 5-1/4" R-42 polyurethane insulated roof panels to be just the answer.  

Insulated Roof Panel Retrofit by RAYCORE SIPs - Palmer
Palmer Cabin retrofit insulated roof panel installation complete
Insulated Roof Panel Installation by RAY-CORE SIPs - Palmer Cabin
Owner prepared retrofit roof insulation for steel roofing
Insulated Roof Panels Ventilated Roof by RAYCORE SIPs - Palmer Cabin
Insulated Roof Panels Retrofit Installation RAY-CORE SIPs - Palmer Cabin
One side complete with RAYCORE Insulated Roof Panels
Insulated Roofing Panels SIPs by RAYCORE - Palmer Cabin
Roof Insulation Panels Installation RAYCORE SIPs - Palmer Cabin
RAYCORE's Insulated Roof Panels ready for roof sheeting.
When adding roof insulation to an existing roof, contact RAY-CORE SIPs ™

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