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  • Integrated Studs1

    Integrated Studs

    RAY-CORE SIPs ® use the proven structural reliability of studs to produce a strong insulated panel that will last the lifetime of your structure. We guarantee it... see our Ltd. Lifetime Warranty!

  • Radiant Air Barrier2

    Radiant Air Barrier

    Keep the summer heat out and the winter heat in, increasing comfort and reducing your utilities. RAY-CORE SIPs ® will save you money each month on utility bills for the lifetime of your home!

  • Easy To Handle Preinsulated Building Panel3

    Easy To Handle Preinsulated Building Panel

    If you can build with sticks, you can build with RAY-CORE SIPs ®. Uses standard framing practices, no special plans, no expensive engineering, no specialized builders, no costly cranes. "Easy-peasy"!

  • Super-Insulating Polyurethane Foam Insulation4

    Super-Insulating Polyurethane Foam Insulation

    RAY-CORE SIPs ® - highest R-value, least expensive Structural Insulated Panel on the market. Get the best for less and save by reducing your HVAC system up to 1/2. Savings could make your panels FREE!



The Builder's Choice - Fast and Easy

Frame, insulate, and wrap all in one step, saving time and money.



Do-It-Yourself Friendly

If you can frame with sticks, you can frame with RAY-CORE SIPs ®. Quick, easy and perfect for do-it-yourself-er's.

RAY-CORE SIPs ® Use Standard Framing Practices

RAY-CORE SIPs ® Use Standard Framing Practices

No Special Plans, Expensive Engineering, Special Builder or Special Tools

Simple - "... basically a code complying stud wall filled with foam!!"



Lightweight - No Expensive Cranes Required

As little as 52 lbs for a 4' x 8' panel!



Perfect Solution for Every Roof

Up to R-52 in a 7 ¼ inch panel!

RAY-CORE SIPs ® are Affordable

RAY-CORE SIPs ® are Affordable

Least Expensive Per R-Value Inch on the Market

Savings beyond the panel purchase - reduce the cost of your HVAC system, and save on utilities each month for the life of your structure!

RAY-CORE SIPs ® Heat and Cool this

RAY-CORE SIPs ® Heat and Cool this

5650 Sq. Ft For Less than $85 per Month

Ask your neighbors if they can beat that!

Lowest Prices

RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels ® are the least expensive per R-value inch on the market, saving you money each month, for the lifetime of the structure. Your Panels Could Be FREE...

Learn How

Highest R-Values

RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels ® are made with the most advanced Class 1 fire rated, high density closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation available, offering SIP Panels with the highest R-values! ...

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Easy To Use

If you can build with sticks, you can build with RAY-CORE SIPs ®. Uses common framing practices, no special plans, no special code, no special expensive engineering, no high-priced certified builders required, no special tools, and no costly cranes are needed...

How To Build With RAYCORE SIPs

Free Estimates / Fast Shipping

RAYCORE offers free product estimates. Simply send us your floor plan and elevations, specify which insulated wall panels and insulated roof panels suit your needs, and receive an estimate in most cases less than 48 hours! Most orders can be completed within a few weeks!... ready for shipping and delivery.

Technical Support

RAYCORE's highly knowledgeable and construction experienced staff is here to answer your questions and understand your needs. RAY-CORE SIPs ® wants this to be your best build ever! We will always be there to keep things moving smoothly from order through delivery.

PHONE NOW: 1.877.552.2440

Lifetime Warranty

For over 30 years RAYCORE's Structural Insulated Panels combine tried and true century-old framing practices with state-of-the-art high-performance materials, and the most advanced technology, to offer the strongest and most reliable structural insulated panel on the market. We guarantee it - Warranted for the Lifetime of your Structure.

RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels ®

  • Roof Panels

    Building Residential or Commercial? New construction or adding insulation when replacing an existing roof? RAYCORE's Structural Insulated Roof Panels are the easiest, quickest, highest R-value per inch. The most affordable SIP panel solution on the market. Lightweight and easy to handle, see why RAYCORE's roof insulation panels are a no-brainer for your next project.



    * R means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation power. See RAYCORE SIP Panel Specification Sheet or Fact Sheet at: https://raycore.com/technical-data-raycore-sips
    Roof Panels
  • Wall Panels

    RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Wall Panels will give you a strong, super-insulated, airtight shell, keeping the outdoor elements out and the indoor conditioning in. Extremely affordable, when you use RAYCORE SIP wall panels you will be able to downsize your heating and cooling system, reducing the cost and possibly saving as much as the cost of the panels.  That could make your panels free, and you will save your utility costs each month for the lifetime of your home.

    Wall Panels
  • How to Install

    RAYCORE's Structural Insulated Panels are quick and easy. If you know how to build with sticks, you can build with RAY-CORE SIPs ®. The insulated wall panels and roof panels are, simply put, preinsulated conventional framing in a panelized form.  Lightweight and easy to handle.  Click below to access a step-by-step user installation manual.

    RAYCORE SIPs Installation Guide

    How to Install
  • Residential

    RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels ® - SIPs are applicable to all residential plans and require no special permits, no special design and expensive engineering. Any builder can build with RAY-CORE SIPs ®!

    "I think this is one of the best designs of pre-fabricated foam panels on the market...basically a code complying stud wall with foam!! Easy-peasy!" (Building Code Official)

  • Commercial

    Increase profits by reducing material and labor costs. RAYCORE's Structural Insulated Roof Panels and Wall Panels are the perfect solution that will give you the edge when bidding your next commercial project.

    "The panels went down fast and were easy to work with. Got this huge roof dried-in in no time beating the rain. Best part was that we came in well under budget! Looking forward to using RayCore sip panels again in the future." (Commercial Roof Replacement)

  • And More...

    RAYCORE's Structural Insulated Panels ® are the perfect solution for multi-family housing, commercial projects, additions, adding roof insulation to existing roofs, tiny houses, workshops, cold rooms, walk-in coolers... The options are endless!

    Call us now to find out how RAY-CORE SIPs ® are the perfect fit for your next project.

    And More...

Worldwide Service Area

We serve residential and commercial projects all across the United States, Canada, and beyond. See the full list of service areas at the link below.

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If you have pictures and testimonials you'd like to share about our product, please send them to info@raycore.com. We really appreciate your feedback!

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The Ray-Core roof rocks! No icicles to date and the house has a history of some massive ones. Thanks again for the great new roof!

  • John Scott
  • Homeowner & VP Telematic Solutions

From day one my company has been about quality, the customer and how I could save them money. I have always been very interested in building a high energy efficient home. In each of my houses I try to figure out some special thing that will make my spec homes stand out and make them better than the competition. ... cutting heating and cooling bills by 40%... RayCore is a simple way to make my spec homes far superior!

  • Travis Staker
  • Builder - Idaho

The main reason our firm uses the (RAY-CORE) panels is their energy efficiency and insulation value. We want to give our homeowners a home that will not only be comfortable but energy efficient, thus lowering utility bills and saving the homeowner money over the long term. We figure on a 1,600 square foot home the cost to be less than $2000 to build with RAY-CORE SIPs. That can easily be made up in utility bill sin the first couple years of ownership.

  • Tanya Cromwell, President
  • Designer - Idaho Home Design

I can honestly say I enjoyed and benefited more from talking to you than anyone else in sales in recent memory. It is most obvious you enjoy your job; you fully understand your product; you put a sincere emphasis on helping your customer; and you fully understand what is pie in the sky and what is not. Thank You. As I said earlier, I keep a very short list of sources, and you surely have earned your spot in my list.

  • Willis A Foley, Jr.
  • Owner - Solar Hill Farm

I think this is one of the best designs of pre-fabricated foam panels on the market because it is basically a code complying stud wall filled with foam!! Easy-peasy! This is a good wall for all you DIYers as well as contractors wanting to do a super insulated wall system that is a traditional code complying wall except it is pre-fabricated!

  • Dave Merinet
  • Building Code Official

The SIP panels are wonderful. As soon as they were on, before the ply and everything else, we could immediately notice much improved heat retention overnight. We expect the summers to be better as well. My wife and I appreciate your assistance and willingness to answer all our many questions.

  • Peter Lindquist
  • Colorado

It was my responsibility to seek out and develop state of the art products for the building industry. A range of structural insulated panels (SIP) were considered. The reasons for selecting RAY-CORE over sandwich-type SIPs were significant. What we learned: Carpenters quickly learned to use them and liked them. Walls went up fast with insulation and vapor barrier already in place. When the walls were framed they were immediately weather proof. Windows were easily installed. The experience was very positive in all respects.

  • Richard M. Fantazier, Ph.D.
  • General Manager (Retired), Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

I'm grateful that you were able to get the panels to me much earlier than originally stated, and I'm quite happy with the ease and quickness of using these panels.

  • Bill T.
  • Texas

After doing a lot of research with different companies for SIPs options for our home, we are extremely grateful to have learned about your company. You've done an excellent job helping us make the right decision. We are impressed with the R-value of your panels in comparison with others that were much thicker and more expensive. Thanks for your assistance, and we look forward to receiving your panels in a few weeks!

  • Mitchell, Danielle Rose and baby Agnes Rosemary
  • Homeowner, Michigan

The project went very well and was completed many months ago to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

  • Neal Silverman
  • Four Seasons Sun Rooms, Oxnard, California
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