RAYCORE Saves Energy


You Will Save Money

Due to the high R-values of RAY-CORE panels, along with the tightness of their joints, savings in energy costs are significant over the life of the structure. Studies show that owners can save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs every year.

According to the US Department of Energy, consumers spend $241 billion each year on energy for home use. About 1 in 5 of the nation's energy dollars is spent in homes. Energy efficiency improvements could cut this number by well over half. They go on to say that "the typical U.S. family spends about $1,900 a year on home utility bills? Unfortunately, a large portion of that energy is wasted". RAY-CORE’s mission is to help families around the world put money back in their pockets by decreasing utility costs up to 40%.

On average it will cost about $1350.00 more on a 1500 sq foot home to use RAYCORE's SIP wall panels than sticks and fiberglass or cellulose. This small investment will pay you back in less than three years and keep money in your pocket throughout your life.  Because of the high R-values and tighness of the construction, your HVAC system will be reduced in size and related cost, may to as much as 1/2 and the savings might even make the cost of your panels FREE!


Will RAYCORE Pay Me?

Home Size
Avg. Heating Bills/Month Without RAYCORE
Avg. Heating Bills/Month With RAYCORE
Avg. Savings/Year With RAYCORE
Avg. Added Cost of R42 Panels
Number of Years Until Payback (ROI)
1000 sq feet $90 $54 $432 $900 2.1 Years
1500 sq feet $135 $81 $648 $1350 2.1 Years
2000 sq feet $180 $108 $864 $1600 2.1 Years
2500 sq feet $225 $135 $1080 $2000 2.1 Years
3000 sq feet $270 $162 $1296 $2250 2.1 Years
3500 sq feet $315 $189 $1512 $2625 2.1 Years
4000 sq feet $360 $216 $1728 $2800 2.1 Years
4500 sq feet $405 $243 $1944 $3150 2.1 Years
5000 sq feet $450 $270 $2160 $3500 2.1 Years
 NOTE: This table uses a tested 40% energy savings, it is for comparison use only, and does not constitute a guarantee or guaranteed savings.


RAYCORE SIP Panels will pay for themself in less than 3 years just in Energy Savings.  Now that’s an affordable green product that makes sense.


For more about Home Insulation and R-Value visit the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information's Website, "Home Insulation: It's All About the R-Value", or RAYCORE's "Compare Insulation R-Value's" page.