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  • Integrated Studs1

    Integrated Studs

    RAY-CORE SIPs ® use the proven structural reliability of studs to produce a strong insulated panel that will last the lifetime of your structure. We guarantee it... see our Ltd. Lifetime Warranty!

  • Radiant Air Barrier2

    Radiant Air Barrier

    Keep the summer heat out and the winter heat in, increasing comfort and reducing your utilities. RAY-CORE SIPs ® will save you money each month on utility bills for the lifetime of your home!

  • Easy To Handle Preinsulated Building Panel3

    Easy To Handle Preinsulated Building Panel

    If you can build with sticks, you can build with RAY-CORE SIPs ®. Uses standard framing practices, no special plans, no expensive engineering, no specialized builders, no costly cranes. "Easy-peasy"!

  • Super-Insulating Polyurethane Foam Insulation4

    Super-Insulating Polyurethane Foam Insulation

    RAY-CORE SIPs ® - highest R-value, least expensive Structural Insulated Panel on the market. Get the best for less and save by reducing your HVAC system up to 1/2. Savings could make your panels FREE!


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