SIPs – Structural Insulated Panels by RAYCORE offers all the benefits of the more common Sandwich Panels SIPs, eliminates all the well know problems also associated with those SIPs and couples the tried and true dependability and ease of conventional framing in a quick easy to use modular panel. RAYCORE structural insulation panels utilize conventional proven building materials: premium Douglas fir structural members, state-of-the-art rigid closed-cell polyurethane foam, and a foil radiant vapor barrier. These superior building materials are combined, molded together into an easy to handle, lightweight structural insulating panel that meets or exceeds all local standard building codes. Compared to sandwich panels or traditional stick framing, the advantages of building with RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels makes it a “no brainer”…

The RAYCORE SIP Advantage

Less Air Infiltration

With high R-value polyurethane foam molded in place between the studs, RAY-CORE SIPs ™ keep the outside out and the inside in protecting your home from moisture, condensation, wind, dirt and pollen in a comfortable environment without breaking the bank to pay heating and cooling costs. A fortress against the elements!

Superior Strength

RAYCORE SIPs panels take the strength found in conventional 2x Douglas fir construction and adds the support of high density closed cell polyurethane foam between the studs providing stability and avoiding racking, increasing shear loads and increasing strength to more than 4x’s that of conventional framing. The result is a superiorly strong structure with exceptional resistance to high winds and seismic activity.

SIPs Structural Insulated Panels RAYCORE

 SIPs - Fast, Easy to Use RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels Fast, Easy to Use

Produced in the controlled conditions of a factory, RAY-CORE Wall and Roof Panels and Insulated Headers are manufactured by highly trained professionals using patented state-of-the-art practices and equipment.  The result is a precision modular insulation panel with pre-placed studs, superior R-value closed cell polyurethane insulation and foil radiant vapor barrier that is strong, lightweight and easy to use.  Delivered to the construction site, fully modular with no lefts or rights, you simply place the panels side by side, attach top and bottom plates, cut out for windows and doors, and stand your walls in place.  What could be faster or easier?


RAY-CORE Structurally Insulated Panels SIPs cost approximately a minimal 1% more than conventional framing, will save you on construction labor and will have paid for itself in energy costs savings in as little as 2.1 years. The benefits of increased insulation and reduced air infiltration spells out upfront money savings with a reduction in HVAC needs and unit sizing at the time of construction. With utility prices continually on the rise, you can’t afford not to use energy efficient RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels SIPs on your new home project. RAY-CORE is the one thing in your home that will never need repaired or replaced, will never cost you money in the future and will pay you back for the lifetime of your home!

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