Do It Yourself Friendly Insulated Wall Panel

RAYCORE's Structural Insulated Wall Panel is Smart... easy to use SIPs, utilizing proven conventional framing practices.  RAYCORE’s insulated wall panel is do-it-yourself friendly. If you can pick up a hammer, you can build with RAYCORE wall panels. Each lightweight insulated wall panel can be easily handled by one person. RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels – SIPs, are made of super insulating polyurethane foam, with studs molded in place, all wrapped in a radiant foil vapor barrier. Three advanced technologies wrapped into one affordable, energy saving SIP insulated wall panel. Learn more now… 

Insulated Wall Panel by RAYCORE SIPs 

 Wall Panel by RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated Wall Panel by RAYCORE… What, Why and How

WHAT: RAY-CORE SIPs ™ combine three labor saving tasks into one smart wall panel system that includes: 1. Foamed in place studs, 2. Rigid high density polyurethane foam, and 3. A foil radiant barrier.

WHY: With the 3 labor saving tasks of framing, insulating and wrapping all wrapped up in a precision manufactured lightweight and easy to handle modular insulated wall panel, whether a seasoned contractor or a first-time do-it-yourself-er, you can tackle the most difficult projects with speed and ease. The end result is a strong, tight, super insulated superior structure that will last a lifetime.

HOW: RAYCORE insulated wall panels utilize superior quality building materials and conventional framing methods. No special and expensive engineering required. No special tools required. No special training required. Easy. Smart. RAYCORE is the insulated wall panel you must use on your next project. 

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