Insulated Panel Systems Are The Perfect Fit

Insulated Panel Systems and Passive House… a perfect combination! 

So just what is Passive House?  Simply put, it is a building construction standard based on design, materials and methods that reduce the energy consumption by up to 90% through “passive” means. Designers and builders work together to attain these remarkable results through the implementation the Passive House system:

  1. Proper Passive-Solar Orientation
  2. Super Insulated, Thermal Bridge Free, Airtight Envelope
  3. High-Performance Windows and Doors
  4. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
  5. Utilization of Passive House Planning Software (PHPP)

RAYCORE Insulated Panel Systems Perfect Fit for Passive House

RAY-CORE's Insulated Panel System - Super-insulating and Air-tight Construction - Perfect for Passive House!

Planning with a Purpose!

Proper Design: Let’s start with the proper design and orientation of the home.  Designers consider ways to minimize energy loss and utilize energy gain in the design of the home. Orientation of the building on the lot is a strong consideration. 

Window Placement: Other important considerations include positioning of windows and the associated heat gain, maximizing heat gain in the winter and minimizing in the summer.  Existing land features such as buildings or trees that will cast shadows may or may not be of benefit and must also be considered.   

Roof Overhangs & Awnings: In the design process, roof overhangs of appropriate length, awnings and adding deciduous trees can be of great benefit. 

Internal Heat Gain: With heat loss designed to a minimum, internal heat gain from appliances, electronic equipment, lighting and even people and pets can make a significant difference.

It’s All in the Packaging!

Super Insulate and Seal Up Tight!: It’s simple… super insulate and seal up tight!  The entire envelope of the house including walls, roof, floor and basement must be well insulated and sealed to eliminate air infiltration.  Conventional framing just isn’t sufficient.  Numerous and varied alternative framing methods used in Passive House construction are on the rise.  One popular and proven effective method is the use of Insulated Panel Systems. Use of advanced framing systems such as the use of insulated panel systems is a fast, easy and dependable way to fulfill the stringent requirements.  We will talk more about this in a moment.

A Window to a World of Savings!:  It’s amazing how much you can save with good window!  Windows appropriate for your location, take advantage of the free passive solar energy that comes from the sun while eliminating cold transmission during periods of extreme weather.   Installing high performance windows meeting the super R-value standards of Passive House can, from an energy perspective, perform better than an insulated wall.

In With the Good and Out with the Bad: In the tight construction of Passive House, proper ventilation is a must.  Through the use of energy recovery (ERV) or heat recovery (HRV) ventilators, fresh outside air is drawn into the home, while stale inside air is exhausted to the outside.  The two airs pass one-another, exchanging energy but never mixing, keeping the interior of the home a healthy and clean environment.

The Math Tells It All: Special planning software takes into consideration design, materials and methods of the home and puts them all together to calculate the energy-load and balance of the design.  With building science behind the process, specific performance characteristics that must be met to earn the Passive House designation.  The result is a functional energy-efficient building concept that reduces heating and cooling energy consumption up to 90%!

Let’s Discuss Insulated Panel Systems One More Time…

There is an easy way to achieve the Passive House super-insulated, virtually air-tight construction without breaking the bank. RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels SIPs, insulated panel system is the answer to affordably meeting Passive House standards.  RAYCORE’s unique patented staggered stud design eliminates thermal bridging, incorporates integrated stud framing with injection molded, super-insulating closed cell polyurethane foam and a foil radiant vapor barrier. Molded into modular 4’ wide panels, RAY-CORE SIPs ™ form a lightweight, easy to use, super-insulating and air-tight envelope that far outperforms other forms of advanced framing methods.  

Be certain to consider RAY-CORE Insulated Panel Systems for your next home!

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