Structural Insulated Panels for Tiny Houses

RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels were the perfect solution for Stew MacInnes’ self-contained living units sometimes referred to as Tiny Houses.

Structural Insulated Panels for Maximus Tiny Houses

With more than twenty years in the real estate industry as a broker, Stew served as the branch New Homes director for what was at that time the second largest Coldwell Banker franchise in the US. Two decades later, Stew found himself assessing the needs of field workers involved in domestic energy exploration and found housing to be a real challenge. Workers disliked living in the “man-camp” type of dwelling and they were looking for something better. Needing housing that could easily be moved from one jobsite to another, these workers were looking for something self-contained, that could meet the extreme weather conditions while keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and that would be aesthetically pleasing - a place that they could call “home”.

RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels Fit the Bill

Stew went to the drawing board and drafted a unique design of “tiny house” that would meet those specific needs. It all starts with the exterior structure.  Stew was looking for something lightweight, strong, easy to use and super-insulating. RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels for the floors, walls and roof system fit the bill perfectly. Lightweight – Stew’s 28’ mobile units needed to be light enough to tow down the highway behind a standard pickup truck.  RAYCORE’s polyurethane foam core structural insulated panels are just that. A 2x4 thickness 4 foot x 8 foot panel is so lightweight it is easily handled by one man, weighing in at only 43 pounds!

RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels & Maximus Tiny House

RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels - Lightweight, Strong, Easy to Use, Super Insulating and Affordable Strong - These 28’ structures needed to be able to withstand the flexing and bumps as they travels down the highway. With integrated studs, RAY-CORE SIPs ™ Panels are 4 times stronger than a conventional 2x4 framed wall… so strong that you could park a semi-truck on top of a 4x8 panel! Easy to Use – If you can swing hammer, you can build with RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels. Super-Insulating – Extreme Living Solutions are achieved with RAYCORE’s super insulating polyurethane foam and integrated radiant vapor barrier. Offering the highest insulation value per inch of any insulating foam material, at over an amazing R-7 per inch, RAYCORE SIP panels are the leader in energy saving building solutions. Affordable - In the end, Stew knew that cost would be the deciding factor, and the overall cost and affordability made RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels a no-brainer.

RAY-CORE's SIP Panels Divide Them From the Rest!

Stew enthusiastically sites RAY-CORE SIPs ™ as what divides Maximus Living Solutions from other products out there. “This has definitely given us the ability to differentiate us from any other company!”  “John (with RAYCORE) has been fabulous to work with… I can’t say enough good things about him. The service the company gives, their willingness to work with the customer and to offer custom solutions to meet the customer’s needs makes working with RAYCORE a rewarding experience!”

Structural Insulated Panels Keep This Tiny House Cozy and Warm

RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels SIPs - Keeping You Warm in the Winter and Cool In the Summer... A Place to Call "Home" The feelings have been mutual. “Working with Stew has been exciting and a real pleasure.” With a 78 unit project in North Dakota waiting for final approval, Stew and his crew are poised and ready to move into high gear, but there is always room for more. With an endless variety of applications, whether it be units for the mining and oil fields, recreational vehicles, FEMA, starter homes, camps, or just place to “get-away-from-it-all”, Maximus Living Solutions is the perfect solution for that place to call “home”.

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  Maximus Tiny Homes and RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels

Whether considering the purchase of a tiny home or maybe something bigger, see how RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels are a must-have

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