SIP Panels by RAY-CORE Were the Unquestionable Solution for Senior DIY SIPs Builder


Jens Noet decided to take on with the help of his friends the construction of his new Idaho retirement home.  As long-time “partners in (actually against) crime”, retired police officers Jens and Kevin went in search of new and innovative products to utilize in this project.  Researching easy, do-it-yourself friendly structural insulated panels or SIPs, it was easy for them to see that RAYCORE's DIY SIPs Panels were far superior to sandwich panels SIPs.  Furthermore, and they loved the superior R-42 insulation value.  As novice builders with some “prior-life” framing experience, the decision was simple that RAYCORE’s unique structural insulated panels were the perfect product for these Do-It-Yourself-ers.  Jens and Kevin were so excited to work with RAY-CORE’s DIY SIP Panels that they wanted to share their experience by producing this video.  Just click below to see how easy the construction progressed!

"AARP" DIY SIPs Construction

How Did the RAYCORE DIY SIPs Panels Project Go Jens?

When asked about the project, Jens stated that things went “even better than expected”.  Supposing the SIPs panels to be easy to use, he states that “they were even easier to use and work with”… with simply “no negatives”.  Although some aspects of the project required some new or different techniques, the learning curve was simple and intuitive and the RAYCORE structural insulated panels did not present any challenges.  Speaking specifically of the wiring, Jens stated that although the approach was a little different, “it went smoothly, quickly and was easy to do” not requiring “any more time than conventional methods”. All in all, Jens and Kevin are thrilled with their experience with RAY-CORE’s structural insulated panels and are sharing their enthusiasm with others.  “It’s so solid”, says Jens in astonishment. RAY-CORE SIPs ™ Panels “make things far more comfortable than a conventional home.” Jens couldn’t speak more highly of his experience working with RAYCORE’s knowledgeable staff.  “Bryan’s energy and enthusiasm for the product made working with RAYCORE a pleasure.” 

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