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When this Ozarks homeowner decided to build a new energy efficient home, he knew that it all would have to start with the insulation. Searching for something better than conventional fiberglass insulation, when he found RAY-CORE SIPs Panels he knew that these insulation panels were just what he had been looking for, so he picked up the phone and called RAYCORE. Read what this happy customer has to say about his experience with RAY-CORE SIPs Panels from start to finish and the homes overall heating and cooling performance…

Customer's RAY-CORE SIPs Panels Experience

“I appreciate your follow-up a couple months ago so see how the SIPs panels were performing. I did not want to give you an answer until we went through an entire summer and a winter. Let me say one thing. The SIPS panels are flat out AMAZING! We did do several things to ensure that we would have the most energy efficient home possible. Number one, we live in Arkansas and the summers can run several degrees over a 100 for 40-60 days. It’s hot and humid here. Your a/c bill can kill you.  So we faced the home north and south and put no windows on the west wall. We also did 3 foot overhangs to shade all the windows. We built on a crawl space and blocked off all crawl space vents. I ordered the Doug Rye "energy guy" video and tried to follow all his specs. Our heating and air conditioning is all electric and we spent extra for the highest seer unit available at the time "I think it was a 17 seer". It is a zoned unit, so we have 5 zones. This is to prevent heating and cooling the entire 6000 sq. foot home constantly. Our media room and extra living quarters are in the attic space, (story and a half). So bottom line is we have a 6000 square foot home and we have not had one monthly electric bill over 350$. Most months have been 180$-200$.  August was around 250$, and December and January was 300-350$. Every one of my neighbors who has a larger home comparable to ours has been astonished when they see our electric bill. My last home was 4500 sq. ft. and it ran close to 600$/month.

Bottom Line  

So bottom line is I’m the happiest guy in the country right now.  The only thing I wish I had done different is put SIPS panels on the roof of my home and put shingles over that.  Electric bill might be less than $100/month!” Simply stated by this happy RAY-CORE SIPs Panels customer,

“We love ‘em and you all did great…shipping and follow-up and all!”

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