RAYCORE SIP Panels Will Save Michigan Home Builder Month After Month

RAYCORE SIP Panels caught the eye of Michigan builder Ross Menhart of RossMan Homes when in search of an insulation and framing solution to use in his construction of affordable, energy efficient homes. RAYCORE Structural Insulated Wall and Roof Panels, unique from the standard sandwich panel SIP, seemed to be the better solution and perfect fit for his mid-Michigan construction company.

Always “looking for ways to do things better”, RAYCORE’s super insulating SIP Panels air-tight wall and roof systems appealed to Ross, as an affordable solution that would save both time, and resulting labor costs, during the construction of the home and money, in energy costs, for the lifetime of the home.

SIP Panels RAYCORE House Floor Plan RossMan

Addition Designed Around SIP Panels by RAYCORE

When Ross’s personal needs suddenly changed, requiring the construction of a 600 square foot addition to his 1860’s home, there was no question that RAY-CORE SIPs ™ were a “must have”. This opportunity would allow Ross to experience the product at a different level, getting up-front and personal, not only through the construction phase, but ongoing, at a day-to-day basis.

As Ross walked his Otego property on a snowy December morning, he shared some of his experiences with the RAYCORE SIP Panels. One of the biggest concerns he had when putting on this sizable addition was the demands it would put on his relatively new HVAC system.  Ross was pleasantly surprised when his heating contractor informed him that, if anything, the existing system might now be larger than required for the home. Removal of 20 feet of the old, 1800’s poorly insulated and leaky exterior wall, and replacing it with an additional 80 feet of airtight, superiorly-insulated SIP panels walls, would vastly improve the efficiency of the total structure. Who would have thought that by adding square footage to a home, it would make a furnace so much more efficient, and actually reduce the overall heating costs?

SIP Panels RAYCORE RossMan Homes

SIP Panels Addition Has No Ice Cycles!

As Ross’s walk and conversation with RAYCORE were drawing to an end this cold winter day, with so much good to say about RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels he found it “hard to narrow it down to one simple statement.”   Approaching his home he couldn’t help but chuckle.  Ice cycles hanging from the roof of the old structure glistened in the early morning light.  Not a single one was found hanging from the snow covered roof of the new addition.  His words simply stated, “That’s really cool!”

Always happy to share his knowledge and experience regarding green homebuilding, if building a new home or addition in the state of Michigan, feel free to contact Ross Menhart, at RossMan Homes.  Email: rossman@hotmail.com  or Phone: 269.615.7883.

When looking for affordable green solutions for your next construction project, contact one of RAYCORE’s knowledgeable representatives and ask them how RAYCORE’s unique SIP Panels can save you money for the lifetime of your home.   

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