Michigan SIP Panel Addition for Michigan builder's personal home using RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels - Builder Ross Menhart, of RossMan Homes, added onto his home using RAY-CORE SIPs ™ Panels.  He took this 1860 Michigan home and brought it into the 21st century, utilizing eco-friendly technology, green building materials and energy saving solutions.  RAYCORE’s SIP Panel Wall and Roof Systems were integral in accomplishing Ross’s conservation goals.  Follow his project below... 

SIP Panel Addition for 1860 Michigan Home RAYCORE SIPs Rossman Homes

Builder Ross Menhart's 1860's Michigan Home is About To Get A Big Addition Using RAYCORE SIP Panels


Believing that every great structure begins with a good foundation, builder / homeowner Menhart started with a Superior Walls precast concrete insulated foundation by Great Lakes Superior Walls, the perfect addition to a RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panel home!

Superior Walls Foundation to Couple With RAYCORE SIP Panels RossMan Homes Michigan

Superior Walls for a SIP Panel Addition


It's All In the Details... Installing Insulated Rim Joist

Insulated Rim Joist SIPs Panel RAYCORE RossMan Homes

Insulated Rim Joist for SIP Panel Addition

SIP Panel Bond Joist Insulation RAYCORE RossMan Homes

 Bond Insulation - Menhart offset his bond joist so he could apply an additional layer of foil faced foam to the outside.  This offset allowed for a R-19.5 max and a R-6.5 min on the rim joist.


Structural Insulated Panel SIP Wall by RAYCORE RossMan Homes

Sliding RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels SIP Panel Walls Into Place

Menhart and helper easily slip the lightweight RAY-CORE SIPs wall into place.


SIP Panel Structural Insulated RAYCORE RossMan Homes

RAYCORE SIP Panels Top to Bottom


SIPs Panels Structural Insulated RAYCORE RossMan Homes

It's All In the Family - The Next Generation of Builders!

Raising up a new generation to energy conscious and innovative building solutions such as RAY-CORE SIP panels.

SIP Panels Insulated Roof RAY-CORE SIPs RossMan Homes

Sealing The SIP Panels All Up Tight!

 Sealing it All Up Tight!  Menhart filled in between the rafters with additional SIP Panel, cutoffs and waste, taping all seams and foaming all voids, seams and penetrations.

SIP Panel Walls RAYCORE RossMan Homes

A View From The Inside

Siding SIP Wall Panels RAYCORE RossMan Homes

Siding Installation

SIP Roof Insulation Receiving Steel RAYCORE RossMan Homes

Putting The Roof On

SIP Panel Addition Complete RAYCORE Rossman

Project Complete!

SIP Wall Panels Addition RAYCORE RossMan Homes

Always happy to share his knowledge and experience regarding green home building, if building a new home or addition in the state of Michigan, feel free to contact Ross Menhart, at RossMan Homes.  Email: rossman@hotmail.com  or Phone: 269.615.7883.

SIP Insulated Wall Panels by RAYCORE RossMan Homes

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