RAY-CORE - Founded in Pennsylvania in 1987 and since spread throughout the world. Harry Raymond, a premier general contractor with over 50 years of building experience, believed the construction industry needed a better alternative to energy efficient building.

Working with us

Ahead of his time and before "green" was the buzzword, Harry conceived and developed RAY-CORE SIP panels in 1987. RAY-CORE offers the most innovative, unique and structurally sound structural insulated panels SIPs designed in the industry, by manufacturing SIPs with studs molded directly into the panels.

Because of the high R-values of RAY-CORE SIP panels, along with the tightness of their joints, savings in energy costs are significant over the life of the structure. Studies show that owners can save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs every year.

RAY-CORE is an international company with orders shipping throughout the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, and the Bahamas, and countries such as Canada, Africa, and China.

RAY-CORE SIPs are Different!

In a time when all sandwich panel SIPs are using glue, EPS foam, and OSB; RAY-CORE SIPs stand out as a leader using reliable structural members and advanced polyurethane technology to deliver the uncontested leader in the structural insulated panels industry.

Why RAY-CORE SIPs Are So Smart?

  • Easy to Use Do-It-Yourself Friendly.
  • Exceeds or Meets All Codes.
  • Affordable (on avg. only $1500.00 more than fiberglass).
  • Extremely Lightweight.
  • Decrease Your Utility Bills Up To 40%.
  • Least Expensive Per R-value Inch On The Market!

With benefits like these. It's no surprise RAY-CORE was Idaho's 2011 Business of the Year.

"The late Harry Raymond was a visionary. His foresight, trying to make it possible for people to have more affordable homes to beat the energy crisis, was behind all this."
Robert Brusman - CEO