sip-panels-raycore-maximus.jpg sips-tiny-home-raycore-maximus.jpg sip-panel-tiny-house-raycore-maximus.jpg sips-panels-tiny-house-utah-raycore-maximus-extreem.jpg maximus-extreme-tiny-houses-interior-4.jpg roof-panel-tinyhouse-raycore-maximus.jpg structural-insulated-panels-raycore-maximus.jpg insulated-panel-tinyhouse-raycore-maximus.jpg structural-insulated-panels-tinyhouse-raycore-maximus.jpg

SIPs Core of Maximus Tiny Homes Concept

Stew MacInnes with Maximus Extreme Living Solutions believes tiny homes "should have a low energy profile, be relatively inexpensive and easy to operate." Utilizing RAY-CORE SIP’s in all of their wall, roof, and floor systems makes these tiny homes incredibly energy efficient and safe. Featured on FYI's Tiny House Nation!  

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