Insulation Panel Benefits of Building With RAYCORE SIPs - Ernie, with Timberland Construction uses RAYCORE Structural Insulation Panels SIPs in his spec homes between custom homes.  Discovering and using RAYCORE's insulation panels was a great decision to help give him an edge against competitors.  Superiorly strong, superiorly insulating, homes built with RAY-CORE SIPs ™ sell faster and at a better price than the competition.  Visit Timberland Construction in Silver City, New Mexico website at

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Insulation Panels Benefits RAYCORE
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Build With SIPs Anchoring Panels RAYCORE
Anchoring your SIP Insulation Panel is easy.  Simply cut out a block of foam at the bottom plate.
Build With Insulation Panels SIPs RAYCORE
Bolt down the plate and return the block of foam to its original place.  If there are any voids, a little canned foam and some foil tape seals everything up tight.

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