A recent article published by the National Association of Home Builders addressed the nationwide issue of Housing brought on by the regulatory burden on builders.  The article cited, on average, government regulations accounting for 24% of the cost of building a home and 32% of cost of multifamily developments.

With these regulations not going away where can we find relief?  The article suggested the often overlooked value that comes from considering energy efficiency when designing, choosing building materials, and through careful building practices during the construction process and even for builders during the sale of the property. 

Many states and local jurisdictions along with some public utilities offer advantages and building incentives through rebates, tax credits and of course the benefit in energy savings and resulting long-term reduction in heating and cooling costs for the life of your home.

Learn how when building your new home with RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels ™ can save significantly on the cost of your home, possibly making the cost of the panels FREE.  No, we are not kidding.  And the added bonus - by maximizing the insulation value of your walls and roof, you will save money each and every month for the life of your home!

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Read the complete NAHB Article, How Green Building Can Boost Housing Affordability.