RAYCORE's Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated Wall Panels by RAYCORE are Different – Contractors have been building homes the same way for hundreds of years. RAYCORE has taken those reliable methods and improved upon them by adding technology, making energy efficiency a priority, changing the way we build homes in the 21st Century. A unique, patented polyurethane insulated wall panel far superior to other structural insulated panels or SIPs, often referred to as sandwich panels.  See what makes RAYCORE insulated wall panels the structural insulated panel that will be a “must have!” in your next construction project!...

The RAYCORE Insulated Wall Panel Difference

Different – The Smart Panel! 

RAYCORE wall panels take highly insulating polyurethane foam, add integrated studs and wrap them in a radiant foil vapor barrier to produce a product that is lightweight, easy to use, amazingly strong and superiorly insulated building panel product that eliminates the problems and costs associated with the competition’s wall panels.

Easy to Use - No Learning Curve

RAYCORE Insulated Wall Panels SIPs

RAYCORE Insulated Wall Panels - Conventional Framing Practices

Do-It-Yourself Friendly Insulated Wall Panels

Whether a professional builder or homeowner taking on your first construction project, no other insulated wall panel system offers a more “do-it-yourself” friendly process than RAY-CORE insulated wall panels. Superlight panels are easy to handle with no special lifts or cranes required, and no complicated installation processes to follow.  RAYCORE insulated wall panels utilize conventional building practices. If you can pick up a hammer, you can tackle the most difficult projects and use RAY-CORE SIPs ™.

Energy Savings - Money Savings  

High density closed cell polyurethane foam provide superior insulation values in an affordable structural insulated wall panel.  From R-26 in a standard 2x4 wall thickness, to R-42 in a 2x6, and all the way up to R-52 in a standard dimensional 2x8. Homeowners will save up to 40% in their heating and cooling costs each year, putting money back into your pockets for the lifetime of your home!

The Edge – Stand Out From the Competition 

Builders know that today energy efficiency isn’t just on a homeowner’s wish list… It's on their MUST list!  In today's competitive building market, contractors need something that makes them different.  RAY-CORE SIPs ™, coupled with RAYCORE Structural Insulated Roof Panels and Headers are just the building system that will give you that edge and make you stand out among your competition.

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